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Discover how to maintain radiant, healthy skin even when you're constantly on the go. We reveal the secrets of skin care if you are a sports lover, offering you practical advice and recommended products to maintain an effective and convenient skincare routine, adapted to your active lifestyle. Don't let your passion for sports stop you from showing off flawless skin!

There is increasing awareness about the need to adopt healthy habits. This factor has been key to the boom that the sport is experiencing today. According to the latest data, six out of every ten Spaniards practiced sports in the last year . Of them, 23.8% did it daily and 52.5% at least once a week.

These data are really very positive, but how do we take care of our skin when we are going to exercise? You have to think about the before and after because your epidermis can suffer from perspiration , irritating it and even causing the appearance of acne. Below we will reveal the basic gestures that you should take into account before putting on your sneakers.

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Watch your hydration

Dehydration and sport usually go hand in hand. Sweat and body heat cause a dehydration phenomenon that, although normal, must be controlled. 

Like our muscles, after sports our skin needs to recover from the loss of its water reserves . This phenomenon is due to the metabolic role of the skin that activates perspiration to regulate its internal temperature . The result is dehydration. Therefore, it is essential to adopt a beauty routine that preserves the balance of the skin before, during and after exercise .

Cosmetic routine before exercising: cleansing and no makeup

Helps your skin by promoting natural perspiration.

During physical effort , the pores open, leaving them totally vulnerable to grease , dirt and bacteria that, once they penetrate, clog them and can cause redness , inflammation and even the appearance of pimples . For this reason, removing all traces of dirt and grease before exercise is key , in addition to avoiding makeup . 

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A common question is whether or not we do the complete routine before playing sports. In this case, follow common sense. If you are going to do sports as soon as you get up, do the cleaning only. Is a It's a shame that you use the products and that your skin doesn't have time to benefit from them. And of course, when you return home, carry out all the steps of your routine (cleansing, toner, serum, cream, sunscreen).

Now, if you do sports long after getting up , yes, without a doubt, do your complete skincare , since your skin will have had plenty of time to absorb all the active ingredients of your cosmetics. In this case, after sports it is advisable to re -hydrate the skin to restore the loss it has had. In this case, we recommend your moisturizer and if it is still sunny, your sunscreen .

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How to care for your skin during exercise: water and sunscreen

To replenish water reserves and therefore avoid dehydration, the most important thing is to drink water . Adequate levels of hydration will allow the transport of minerals , vitamins and nutrients , in addition to promoting the expulsion of toxins .

On the other hand, we tend to sweat more in the areas where we have more hair, such as the forehead, sideburns and beard for those who have it. In this case, sweat has a negative effect on the hydration of the hair , making it more brittle. To minimize its impact, if this is your case, dry your sweat frequently .

As for sunscreen , adapt it to your needs and prioritize a sweat-resistant sunscreen with an SPF appropriate to your phototype and that is respectful of your skin.

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Skin care routine after exercise: restore your skin

Once you finish your exercise session, remove your clothing as soon as possible so that your skin breathes as well as possible.

And now, perform your complete cosmetic ritual to rebalance and restore the skin after the effort .

OhMyKoko helps you restore all its balance to your skin and boost its beauty with natural, vegan formulas based on active ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be highly effective .

  1. Cleaning is essential to eliminate sweat, sebum and dirt that could clog pores. The exfoliating renewing cleansing gel will clean and exfoliate your skin with maximum gentleness.
  1. Tone  your skin with the pore-purifying exfoliating toner . This step is optional, but its results on the skin make a difference, giving it a real extra juiciness and light. 
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  1. Hydrate the deepest layers and restore your microbiome with the ultra-hydrating microbiome-boosting serum . Its incredible formula based on probiotics, prebiotics, and multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid, among others, repairs the skin's barrier effect and hydrates the deepest layers for up to 72 hours.
  1. The eye contour area also needs very particular care. If you decide to use it, now is the time. OhMyKoko's eye contour serum with hyaluronic acid and a selection of natural active ingredients acts on dark circles and wrinkles, brightening the look.
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  1. Finally, hydrate and repair the outer layers with the All in one multifunction moisturizing cream.
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