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In a world where greenwashing* has become a very common practice in the cosmetics industry, we, as creators of the concept of "Skin Activism", want to be your reference brand in natural and vegan cosmetics.

Being activists for your skin is a total and absolute commitment to you. In each of our products, we guarantee the total absence of harmful or toxic chemical ingredients for your skin and your health. We are passionate about beautifying, caring for and rejuvenating your skin , but we also care about you and your well-being.💚

Each product we create is a small gesture of activism for your skin. We are committed to transparency , ethics and quality in every step of the production process. From the selection of ingredients to the final packaging, we take care of every detail to offer you the best. 🌿

We invite you to join our community of skin activists . Together, we can make a difference.💕

Discover our range of natural and vegan products, designed to nourish, protect and beautify your skin in a conscious and responsible way.

🌿Join the Skin Activism revolution!🌿

*The term greenwashing refers to the dishonest practice of presenting products as more natural, ecological or environmentally friendly than they really are. This may involve the use of misleading claims, confusing images, messages, and product labels.

We are Rosa and Helena, mother and daughter

Two generations, but the same passion: phytotherapy and cosmetics. This makes OhMyKoko provide the best of both: youth and freshness, but also experience and great knowledge in medicinal plants and botanical active ingredients.🌿🍃💚

Fundadoras OhMyKoko Helena Arauz y Rosa Torres

"I am Rosa and I have developed my entire professional career in the pharmaceutical industry. It has been nearly 30 years working with the main phytotherapy leaders in Europe and actively participating in the launch of some of the most important products in Spain. ⚗️👩 ‍🔬

During all this time, I never stopped marveling at everything that nature can do for our health and our skin, and even today I continue to feel the same fascination." 💚

Fundadora OhMyKoko Rosa Torres

"I am Helena, heir to this great passion, which is why perhaps even as a child, I preferred tinkering with my mother's recipes for herbs and plants rather than reading stories.

Over the years, this concern became a true obsession and nature always has a solution in the form of a botanical active ingredient. Many of us have already discovered them, but there are still many more to reveal 🌍

Each plant has hundreds of assets inside to guarantee its vital functions and its survival in a planet that is increasingly hostile to them."

Fundadora OhMyKoko Helena Arauz

"At OhMyKoko, what excites us every day is to offer you this incredible plant wealth, discover the best active ingredients and put them in your hands with wonderful textures and unique aromas, so that you obtain the most effective and respectful results for your skin. ✨

Our formulas are highly effective, prepared by a team of professionals who are experts in natural and ecological formulation, and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. 👩‍🔬💚

And of course, as a brand born in the midst of climate change, in our DNA is the commitment to work for the future of our planet and the well-being of animals. We will do it in a real and sincere way, not as an argument for persuasion." 🧬🍃🐾

Fundadoras OhMyKoko Helena Arauz y Rosa Torres