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The skin becomes dry when it does not produce a sufficient amount of sebum , putting it in a position of weakness against external factors .

This is because sebum forms a natural hydrolipid film on the skin that protects it from the sun , pollution , bacteria , wind and of course, so that it maintains an optimal level of humidity .

If your skin has lost this skin barrier, it becomes more sensitive and much more vulnerable to free radical attacks and therefore, premature aging . This is the reason why dry skin usually has a faster aging process, presenting more wrinkles and spots .

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There are numerous factors that can cause this deficiency. From diet, to fatigue, through stress, a hormonal disorder, aging itself , of course, menopause , consumption of calcareous water , heating ...

Dry skin can be a common concern , especially in cold climates or low humidity . Body temperature plays a crucial role in this phenomenon, as cold environments and exposure to wind can strip the skin of its natural oils , contributing to dryness.

Staying well hydrated is essential, and it's not just about applying external moisturizers. Drinking enough water is also essential to combat dry skin from within and have soft and healthy skin. The general recommendation for an adult is to consume at least 8 glasses of water per day , which is equivalent to approximately 2 liters.

Additionally, it is crucial to protect sensitive skin from sudden changes in temperature and maintain a proper moisture balance to prevent blood vessels from dilating, which can contribute to skin irritation .

Incorporating habits that address both internal and external hydration is essential to maintaining soft and resilient skin.

How do you know if you have dry or dehydrated skin?

The difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin lies in the specifics of your condition.

Dry skin generally refers to a lack of natural lipids or oils , which affects the skin's barrier function and ability to retain moisture. Dehydrated skin involves a lack of water in the superficial layers of the skin, which leads to a temporary loss of hydration.

Both conditions have similar symptoms , such as tightness and peeling . Skin care in both cases involves the application of moisturizing products to restore moisture and strengthen the barrier function , thus promoting healthy and balanced skin.

Three factors you should avoid

To properly care for your skin type, you must take into account some tips in your lifestyle.

1 - Use water that is too hot

Water that is too hot exerts a vasodilating effect. As the capillaries dilate, there is greater loss of water through the skin, promoting dry skin.

Opt for a gentle, alcohol-free cleanser to avoid excessive stripping of your skin's natural oils.

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2 - Don't rub yourself with the towel

Never rub your skin with the towel if you don't want to damage the elastic fibers and make it flabby .

Dry it by gently patting it , ideally in a clockwise and upward direction. This way you will activate circulation and thereby avoid inflammation and irritation .

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3 - Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Both caffeine and alcohol are diuretics that stimulate the elimination of fluid from the body, leaving the skin dehydrated and dull .

Alcohol also negatively affects the liver , decreases immunity , alters hormonal values , alters insulin balance and produces cellular damage . The result is a high impact on the skin and premature aging .

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Give your skin a real boost of hydration

OhMyKoko's ultra-hydrating serum is a revelation for dry skin thanks to its wise combination of natural and vegan active ingredients, which helps the skin regain its lost level of hydration and well-being .

Among its active ingredients is a complex of probiotics and prebiotics that acts on the skin microbiome , strengthening its defensive capacity against external agents by up to 190% .

On the other hand, its combination of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights manages to act on the different layers of the skin, addressing the problem in depth and providing an authentic treatment .

Tip: to make the most of its properties and benefits, use it on slightly damp skin , after your cleansing routine.


Sensation of tightness, itching, presence of cracks, peeling, flaking, hardening, lack of light and vitality

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