Exfoliating toner

After each facial cleansing, put a toner in your life. The exfoliating toner helps eliminate dead cells from the surface of the skin, while gently purifying each of the pores of your face, allowing it to “breathe” freely and receive the rest of your nutrients in the most optimal conditions. cosmetic routine.

OhMyKoko offers you an exfoliating toner with ultra-concentrated botanical active ingredients, such as gluconolactone, organic aloe vera and fruit acids such as kiwi, blueberry or pineapple.

This exfoliating toner acts with the greatest gentleness and is ideal for all skin types, as it provides essential nutrients to obtain a healthy appearance and a super luminous or glow flash result.

The wonderful texture of this exfoliating toner in liquid gel form allows it to be applied directly with the palms of your hands. Ideally used after each facial cleansing.

It is recommended to use OhMyKoko exfoliating toner both day and night to achieve incredible luminosity.

What Benefits Does Oh my Koko Exfoliating Toner Bring?

Our exfoliating toner contains botanical extracts that help optimally maintain and preserve the skin's pH levels. This allows the skin to stay hydrated and healthy. Plus, natural ingredients like fruit acids help gently exfoliate skin for a clean, healthy appearance.

This formula has been specially created for all skin types, whether sensitive, dry or oily. Regular use of this solution will help maintain effective and complete facial care.

OhMyKoko Exfoliating Toner is a natural and gentle product that helps keep the skin fresh, free of impurities and healthy. Its organic and natural ingredients help improve the texture and appearance of the skin to maintain a youthful appearance.

Additionally, it helps prepare the skin for makeup. Gentle, natural ingredients remove impurities, residue and excess oil for a natural, long-lasting finish. In addition, it is a perfect complement to your serum and cream routine.

Apply it before, after cleansing and before serum or cream, it helps keep your skin shine-free throughout the day.

If you are looking for a product that revitalizes and refreshes your skin, this is your best option. Not only will it improve the texture of your skin, but it will also help balance your pH, maintaining a healthy and radiant complexion. Discover the magic of OhMyKoko's exfoliating toner and enjoy the visible changes day after day!