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At OHMYKOKO , as it could not be otherwise, we love good skincare, probably as much as you do, which is why you are reading this post.

Taking care of the skin by establishing daily routines is essential if we want to join this trendy concept called slow age .

And aging is a natural and irremediable biological process , but with adequate and constant care, we can significantly slow down the aging process of our skin.

Of course, in the slow age other external factors come into play, not just cosmetic care. It is essential to take care of your diet and eat a healthy diet, respect your sleeping hours, take care of your lifestyle , control stress and protect yourself from external aggressions , the sun, etc. to prevent premature aging and skin lesions .

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Below we will reveal 5 of the most common mistakes that you should avoid.


Put on makeup without preparing your skin

Whatever your skin type, whether it is young or mature skin, it is essential that you hydrate your skin very well before applying makeup. Makeup alone does not work miracles. With good hydration , you will also achieve exceptional results :

  • Greater adhesion of cosmetics , so they will last much longer in perfect condition.

  • Greater water retention in your skin, combating dry skin.

  • Protection against external aggressions and free radicals, thus preventing early aging of your skin and the appearance of premature wrinkles.

The best way to apply your moisturizer is to start at the neck and continue upwards , this way you will also be firming it.

Don't neglect the eye contour!

The eye contour is an extremely fragile and delicate area that needs specific care. Choose a good EYE CONTOUR SERUM with high hydration to stop early aging in this area.

As for how to apply it, here comes the most common mistake #2.

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Apply the eye contour only to bags or dark circles.

The skin in this area is up to 5 times thinner than the rest of the face! Therefore, it is logical that it is the most vulnerable to the passage of time.

If we add to this the abuse of mobile devices and the lack of sleep , we have the perfect scenario for premature aging.

Therefore, if you are 25 years old or older , you should include a specific product for eye contour care in your cosmetic routine.

How to apply it correctly? It is not applied only to the bag, dark circles or crow's feet. That's the big mistake! The upper eyelids also age and lose firmness, so you have to apply it to the entire bone that surrounds the eye and dab it lightly .

The skin around the eyes contains a dense network of small blood vessels . Thanks to this rich vascularization , when applying the serum throughout the periorbital basin, the active ingredients of the product penetrate effectively, treating the entire contour area .

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Applying products in the wrong order

If you don't apply your products in the correct order, you won't get the results you're looking for. Once you clean your face, the order you should follow is as follows: serum, eye contour, moisturizing cream, sun protection and makeup.

  • A good CLEANSE , in addition to eliminating all impurities, traces of grease and makeup , prepares the skin to receive all the benefits of the rest of the active ingredients in your cosmetic routine.

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  • The SERUM will be the next step. It is made up of very small molecules highly concentrated in active ingredients that very easily cross the skin, reaching the deepest layers . Its high concentration and rapid absorption means that it is used in small quantities.

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  • Next, it's the turn of the EYE CONTOUR . If we apply it after the cream, by forming a kind of barrier in the surface layer, it would not allow the contour active ingredients to penetrate correctly.

We recommend an eye contour serum based on hyaluronic acid with a growth factor to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin around the eyes. Hyaluronic acid also maintains adequate hydration, helping to maintain the integrity of the skin barrier and the proper environment for the production of collagen and elastin .
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    • It is followed by the MOISTURIZING CREAM . Having a much higher molecular weight , it forms a screen or barrier whose function is to protect and treat the most superficial layer of the skin.

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    • The next step, sun protection or screen, which, as its name suggests, has the function of protecting our skin from the harmful effects of UV rays .

    • And now our skin would be prepared for makeup.


    Rubbing more than necessary

    Do you think that the more you rub, the more effect you get? Big mistake! So what you can achieve is to make micro injuries to the skin, making it more sensitive and vulnerable .

    If you really want to pamper your skin and make it look as beautiful as possible, treat it gently.

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    Apply more product than necessary

    Just by applying more product, your skin will not notice more effect or faster. Put the amount that your skin is going to absorb , no more, no less. An excess of product can actually have a negative effect, as it can clog the pores.


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    Our commitment to you is to offer you products free of:


    and any other ingredients that are unnatural for your skin

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