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One of the most unpleasant things is waking up from one day to the next with one or more pimples on your chin. These very specific acne breakouts on the chin are much more common than you thought .

Among the most common causes are hormonal imbalance typical of women during menopause or menstruation, sleep problems and external agents such as lifestyle , stress or an unbalanced diet .


As the menstrual cycle progresses, your hormones cause a tsunami in the sebaceous glands , accelerating their oil production and causing that your skin or your mood are much more sensitive . And if your skin is prone to acne, even more so. Plus, your body retains more fluid . This is the reason why you feel more bloated.

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Sometimes, this water retention makes the skin smoother and more luminous , but in many other cases, increased progesterone levels cause greater production of sebum , a thick, oily substance that accumulates in the pores, It clogs hair follicles and facilitates the accumulation and reproduction of bacteria . When this occurs, an acne breakout appears, known as menstrual acne .

Pimples on the chin, jaw line or neck in women's adulthood are more common than you think.


Just because you are no longer a teenager does not mean that you cannot suffer from this problem. If pimples appear after 40 , it may be hormonal acne , a type of acne related to women's hormonal changes.

This is something more normal than you imagined because the same hormones that are altered during menstruation also undergo major changes due to other causes such as menopause or polycystic ovary syndrome .

Hormonal acne can be aggravated in oily skin or with the use of comedogenic cosmetic products that clog skin pores.

During perimenopause , that is, during the period before the interruption of the menstrual cycle that can last between 7 and 14 years, estrogen levels decrease .

This physiological phenomenon can be accompanied by certain symptoms that significantly alter the quality of life: hot flashes , sleep problems , headaches , changes in mood and, of course, in the skin . And during this period, there is a drop in estrogen levels , but testosterone levels are maintained .

This situation, together with the loss of the skin's regeneration capacity , often causes clogged pores and, with it, the appearance of pimples on the chin and other parts of the face and even on the neck and back .

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Stress is the source of many problems, and it can be an enemy of your mental health, you already knew that for sure. And of course, the skin can be another victim.

It all starts when cortisol , the hormone involved in the appearance of stress, begins to do its thing by dehydrating the skin . In response, it produces more sebum to balance the lack of water, facilitating the development of bacteria .

In addition, stress alters the skin's immune response , which can be the source of other skin health problems such as rosacea or eczema .

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We always insist on the importance of a correct daily cleaning routine. It is vital as it is the only way to keep skin healthy and beautiful, free of dead skin cells that clog pores and help reduce the appearance of pimples on the chin.

Always use products that respect your skin and its balance, preferably natural . And don't forget to clean twice a day , in the morning and at night .

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OhMyKoko's Exfoliating Renewing Facial Cleansing Gel contains almost 100% ingredients of natural origin. It wisely combines 5 alpha-hydroxy acids and oat seed extract , an ideal formula, as it brings together three actions in a single product: cleanses, exfoliates and removes makeup. Ideal for all skin types, from normal skin to combination, oily, dry or sensitive skin.

With each application, these powerful ingredients are activated to deeply cleanse the skin , remove dead skin cells and regenerate it.

In addition, oat seed extract exerts an incredible moisturizing, soothing and repairing effect on the skin , helping to restore the skin barrier .

Thanks to its physiological pH, far from drying or irritating, it leaves the skin soft , hydrated and with a wonderful feeling of well-being.


- Clean your face well morning and night with warm water, without neglecting the jaw area. Try to wash it from the bottom up , starting at the neck, and moving up the face using gentle circular movements .

-Keep it free of dead cells . Include OhMyKoko's Exfoliating Renewing Facial Cleansing Gel in your daily routine to clean and exfoliate your skin while respecting its integrity.

-Use the OhMyKoko pore-purifying exfoliating facial toner , in addition to toning and hydrating your skin, it helps eliminate dead cells and is antimicrobial , ideal for skin with excess sebum.

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- Conserve your skin's water resources . It is essential to maintain your hydration without increasing irritation or worsening pimple problems. Drink enough water and use the OhMyKoko Pore Minimizing Sebum Regulator Serum , it will deeply hydrate your skin while controlling oil and fighting aging.

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- Includes a balanced diet . Don't forget to include five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day , especially green leaves and legumes. Avoid dairy products that could cause inflammation

- Avoid gestures that favor the transfer of bacteria , such as resting your chin on your hand.

Establishing a proper cosmetic routine is essential for skin care, regardless of the type of skin you have.

Remember, if the outbreak is very severe , you should go to the dermatologist .


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