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It is true that sleep is one of the best weapons of beauty , since it helps to rejuvenate and maintain the health of our body.

If we sleep well , a series of reactions essential for its balance occur within our body, including that of our skin .

Sleep is related to the mechanisms involved in regulating body temperature and activates the autonomic nervous system related to the piloerector muscles and sweat glands.

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A good sleep, ally of health and beauty

Sleeping less than seven or eight hours a day negatively affects our skin . This is because:

1- The regulatory mechanisms of the skin are altered , in particular, thermoregulation .

2- An alteration occurs in the levels of melatonin and cortisol release .

3- The stress generated by lack of sleep can be the cause of the appearance of various skin diseases .

4- In the most serious cases of lack of sleep, a disorder occurs in the skin barrier.

5- If the problem is chronic , premature aging occurs and the skin does not respond adequately to external aggressions.

Science has shown that people with sleep problems have laxer skin , lose subcutaneous fat more quickly and have more wrinkles .

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Dark circles, an inevitable consequence of a lack of sleep

One of the consequences of lack of sleep is undoubtedly dark circles. If we do not sleep properly, the blood vessels acquire more color due to difficulties in the circulation of the capillaries.

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OhMyKoko 's eye contour serum provides an ultra-specific association of active ingredients aimed at combating dark circles and rejuvenating your eyes:

High molecular weight plant hyaluronic acid with multiple and visible benefits:

  • Its amazing water retention capacity makes it an excellent moisturizing agent.
  • Thanks to its tightening and firming capacity, it lifts the skin, rejuvenating the look.
  • Key actor in the repetition of the area , a function through which new skin is generated and regenerated.
  • It clearly intervenes in the elimination of free radicals, responsible for aging. 

Oligopeptide-2 Epidermal growth factor (EGF) , peptide with a key activity in the function of intercellular communication , actively participating in the growth, development and survival of cells.

  • Reactivates, regenerates and redensifies the eye contour area.
  • Reduces crow's feet
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Due to its role in protecting, detoxifying and eliminating skin proteins damaged by oxidative agents such as exposure to pollution, UV light and blue light generated by electronic devices.

Natural extract of rambutan leaves , a tropical tree, native to Southeast Asia. Its incredible properties make its fruit classified as one of the super fruits.

Its extract is a powerful active ingredient , essential in this formula.

  • Stimulates elasticity and exerts a firming effect
  • Combats the appearance of wrinkles and reduces the depth of existing wrinkles by up to 15% in one month of application (in vitro study).
hand showing the inside of a rambuchan fruit

Chicory . This herbaceous plant, common on the banks of rivers and on roads, contains a real treasure inside. Its root has been traditionally used for its health benefits , particularly at the digestive and immune levels.

We are particularly interested in its exceptional properties for the eye contour:

  • Immediate action lifting or tightening effect
  • Lifts the skin
  • Rejuvenates the look.
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With each application, all these active ingredients are released and act in synergy to combat and prevent the signs of aging, hydrate, detoxify and reduce dark circles.

As a result, your look is transformed, rejuvenated, freed from the signs of aging and fatigue, giving your face a young and luminous look.

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