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Our body is a perfect machine . It has physiological temperature-regulating mechanisms that are put into action when, for different reasons (environment, high physical activity, internal heat production,...) the body's core temperature is no longer 37º .

For this reason, in the event of a significant drop in temperature its mission is clear, to protect its vital organs (heart, brain, lungs...) and to achieve this, it activates its thermoregulation system , producing peripheral vasoconstriction , that is, the blood vessels narrow. blood vessels in the skin to lose less heat from the blood.

The result is less oxygen and nutrients supplied to the skin , the largest organ in our body.

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If this exposure is prolonged, our muscles begin to contract uncontrollably due to the increase in metabolic reactions that our body carries out to produce more heat and thus combat its loss .

The problem appears when exposure to cold is prolonged and this circulatory disorder persists. This is when chilblains or cracks appear on the fingers and toes.


In winter, our skin suffers particularly. The cold causes its loss of luminosity because the more exposed it is to it, the less oxygen and nutrients reach it . Cell renewal slows down , causing dead cells to build up on the skin's surface and making it dull .

And that's not all, when temperatures drop, there is a decrease in sebum production, unbalancing the skin barrier responsible for protecting and maintaining skin hydration . This has a direct impact on its ability to act as a barrier against external aggressions, as it becomes more fragile against pollution and oxidative stress , pathogens or resistance to premature aging . 

The cold can reduce sebum production by up to half, altering the protective capacity of our hydrolipid barrier.

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1- Avoid sudden changes in temperature

Climate changes and the difference between the outside temperature and that of your home have repercussions on your skin. And the air, already dry in winter, becomes even drier inside homes due to the use of heaters .

The solution is not to be cold, of course, but neither is to walk around like in summer inside the house. Let's try to make the difference between both temperatures as moderate as possible . A temperature of about 21º or 22º is ideal .

The drier the air in your home is, the drier your skin will be. A good option to counteract this and protect the skin barrier is to use a humidifier , especially in the most frequented rooms .

Furthermore, when we enter a very warm place after having been in a very cold environment, the capillaries dilate and unsightly spider veins (telangiectasias) can appear in the outermost layer.

When temperatures drop, the humidity in the air also drops and the environment becomes drier. Other factors such as pollution are added to the equation, causing a gradual loss of hydration and nutrition that makes the skin drier.

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2- Do not take baths or showers that are too hot

Hot water tends to cause dry skin as it favors the elimination of natural oils from the skin.

Dermatologists recommend showering or bathing with warm water and not lasting more than ten minutes .

It is also advisable to avoid shower gels or soaps with overly aggressive surfactants . We recommend the use of natural products that respect the skin's protective barrier and maintain its hydrolipid balance . After showering, moisturize the skin of your body and face very well .

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3- Prioritize hydration

Moisturize your skin daily and several times a day .

Atopic skin and sensitive skin are especially vulnerable to cold . They crack, itch, redness appears... so their hydration must be taken even more care of with appropriate products.

Oily skin should not neglect this aspect either, since it tends to become dehydrated as well.

Whatever your skin type, we recommend OhMyKoko's All in one multifunction cream . Its natural and vegan ingredients such as bakuchiol, orchid stem cells or jojoba ceramides will provide the optimal level of hydration to your skin, in addition to providing its anti-aging effect, unifying skin tone and texture.

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4- Drink plenty of water

We must keep in mind that the cold is not the only thing responsible for the skin becoming drier. It is due to the combination of a few factors: cold , drier air , climate changes , wind .

Whatever your skin type, to maintain an optimal level of hydration, it is necessary to drink more water, even if you are less thirsty. On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid the consumption of alcohol and coffee , which have the opposite effect.

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5- Take care of your diet

Our diet also influences the hydration of our skin. At this time of year, prioritize the consumption of foods rich in good fats (olive oil, nuts, avocados), as well as vitamins and antioxidants (broccoli, cauliflower, blackberries, blueberries, citrus fruits...).

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6- Exfoliate your skin

If you want your skin to stay oxygenated , hydrated and in optimal condition , you must exfoliate it regularly . By eliminating dead cells you will facilitate oxygenation and cell regeneration .

There are different exfoliants, chemical, mechanical, enzymatic. Always choose a product that is natural and respectful of your skin.

OhMyKoko 's facial cleansing gel with exfoliating AHAs is an excellent option , since while it performs a deep cleansing , it exfoliates and removes dead cells effectively but gently .

When you get used to doing it, you will no longer be able to do without this step . You will notice smooth , soft skin and the rest of the cosmetics you use will be much more effective , since the active ingredients will penetrate much better.

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7- Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Improve your lifestyle and try to abandon or moderate your consumption. Both generate free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin, and alcohol can aggravate the dilation of facial blood capillaries .

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At OhMyKoko You will find the gentlest and most effective natural and vegan cosmetics for your skin. As an activist brand for your skin, you will not find any ingredient that is the least bit disrespectful of its balance and health. Find the product that best suits your skin type.

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