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If you want to achieve radiant skin you have to be clear that each step of your skin care counts and that it is necessary to respect an order.
Below, we explain the reason for each step in your cosmetic routine. From cleansing to moisturizing, every action serves a vital purpose in achieving healthy, radiant skin.

But what is skin care? Skincare is a cosmetic routine designed to maintain and improve the health and appearance of your skin. This routine involves the regular use of specific products and techniques to cleanse, hydrate, protect and treat the skin according to its needs.

If you are wondering how to do skin care? We tell you everything in this post.


Imagine that your face is the canvas of a painting; For subsequent coats to shine, the surface must be clean and ready.

  • Elimination of impurities: Throughout the day, your skin accumulates impurities, from sweat to makeup residue and environmental pollutants. You need to cleanse it to free it of all that, allowing your skin to breathe and regenerate overnight.
  • Get the most out of other cosmetics: applying products to clean skin is the only guarantee to maximize their effectiveness. So, if you want to get the most out of your serum and cream, cleanse first!
  • Controlling excess oil: If you have oily skin to deal with, cleansing is especially crucial. Eliminates excess sebum, preventing breakouts and maintaining the natural balance of your skin.
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It's time to polish that canvas! Exfoliation is like the master builder that removes old, dull layers, revealing fresher, brighter skin underneath.

Why is exfoliation so important?

  • Cellular renewal: Our skin is constantly renewing itself, but sometimes dead cells accumulate, dulling our natural glow. Exfoliation is responsible for eliminating these cells, stimulating regeneration and smoothing the texture of the skin.
  • Improves absorption: After exfoliating, your skin is ready to absorb care products more efficiently. There are no obstacles between those incredible ingredients and your skin, allowing for maximum absorption and benefits.
  • Fights skin problems: Exfoliation can also help fight specific problems, such as dark spots or acne marks, by removing damaged top layers and promoting more even skin.

In short, cleansing and exfoliating are not just basic steps, they are the very foundation of an effective skin care routine. Allow yourself to enjoy this ritual, offering your skin the respect it deserves so that it shines in all its splendor.

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With OhMyKoko's Exfoliating Renewing Cleanser you don't have to add steps to your cosmetic routine, since it is capable of carrying out these two steps at the same time, and even removes makeup. You only need one product so that your skin is deeply cleansed , freed of dead cells and makeup with the greatest gentleness. Your secret? A balanced dose of 5 fruity AHA's and oat extract .


Toner is a component that makes the difference in your skin care routine. Often underestimated, but essential for achieving balanced and healthy skin.

This intermediate step between cleansing and applying specific products plays a crucial role in preparing the skin to absorb the benefits of the products that will follow.

Why is facial toner so important?

  • Plus hydration: Look for a toner with hydrating ingredients that help retain moisture in your skin. This is beneficial whether you have dry, combination or oily skin. Hydration is essential to maintain the elasticity and softness of all skin.
  • Preparation to take advantage of the full potential of your cosmetics: prepare the skin to absorb the rest of the products more effectively. By removing cleansing residue and softening the skin, the toner makes it easier for subsequent serums and creams to penetrate deeper and be more effective.
  • Soothes and reduces irritation: some ingredients, such as aloe vera, provide a calming effect. Helps reduce irritation and inflammation. If your skin is sensitive or tends to redden, give it a vote of confidence. It will calm your skin and prepare it for the next step of the routine.
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In addition, finding all these properties in our Exfoliating Purifying Toner will help you keep dead cells at bay even more and achieve incredibly purified pores .


Among the numerous products available on the market, facial serums are the real stars due to their ability to offer a high concentration of active ingredients .

They are formulated to penetrate deeper into the skin, so their texture is much lighter .

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Why are facial serums so important?

  • Concentration of active ingredients: they have a high concentration of active ingredients compared to other products. A small amount will provide you with incredible benefits.
  • Specific targets: These are designed to address specific skin concerns, such as lack of hydration, wrinkles or fine lines, excess oil, among others. This allows people to customize their skin care routine to their specific needs.
  • Visible results: Due to their high concentration of active ingredients and their ability to penetrate deeply into the skin, they offer visible results.
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Discover the super powers of OhMyKoko serums . If your skin is dry , your option is the Microbiome-boosting Ultra-hydrating Serum . If your skin is combination or oily , the Pore Minimizing Sebum Regulating Serum will save your skin.

In both cases , your skin will be deeply hydrated , you will combat the signs of aging and in the case of having combination or oily skin, you will also control sebum .

Rest, the Best Kept Secret

Don't forget the simplest but most effective step: rest. A good sleep is like a balm for your skin. Allow yourself that regeneration time so you wake up with a fresh and renewed complexion.


The skin around the eyes is particularly delicate and prone to showing signs of premature aging and fatigue .

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Why is the eye contour so important?

  1. Delicate and sensitive skin: the skin in this area is the thinnest and most delicate, so it tends to dry out and wrinkle more. You need much gentler and gentler formulas that are effective without causing irritation.
  2. Intensive hydration: it is very common to experience dryness around the eyes. The eye contour should provide intensive hydration, leaving the skin around the eyes softer and more flexible.
  3. Reduction of dark circles and bags: it is very important that it includes detoxifying, decongestant and anti-inflammatory active ingredients that improve blood circulation, reducing swelling and discoloration.
  4. Antiaging action: hyaluronic acid is a super active known for its anti-wrinkle properties. Helps stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
  5. Light texture and quick absorption: It should have a light texture and quick absorption to facilitate subsequent makeup.
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You will find all these properties in the eye contour . OhMyKoko. Its specific formula based on natural and vegan active ingredients will rejuvenate and transform your look.


Incorporating a moisturizer into your cosmetic routine is crucial to maintaining healthy and radiant skin. Hydration is essential for all skin types, regardless of whether your skin is dry, combination, oily or acne-prone.

Here are several important reasons to include a moisturizer in your skin care routine:

  1. Deep Hydration: Moisturizers are designed to provide deep hydration to the skin. They help maintain the water balance necessary for healthy skin, preventing dryness, peeling and a feeling of tightness.
  2. Skin barrier: its regular application strengthens the skin barrier, which is the outer layer of the skin. A healthy skin barrier acts as a protective shield against environmental aggressors such as pollution and free radicals, helping to prevent damage and irritation.
  3. Prevention of premature aging: properly hydrated skin is elastic, firm and protected against early aging and therefore, with fewer wrinkles and fine lines.
  4. Makeup Base: Applying a moisturizer before makeup creates a smooth, even base. Moisturizing before makeup helps the makeup products to be perfectly integrated into your skin and unsightly cracking does not occur.
  5. Complementary treatment: moisturizing cream is the perfect complement to your serum. Keeps skin balanced, healthy and resistant to signs of aging.

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OhMyKoko's All in one facial cream is the perfect complement to your serum. Its intelligent and multifunction formula hydrates, nourishes, acts against the signs of aging and corrects all skin types .




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