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Collagen plays a fundamental role in the health and appearance of our skin.

Adopting healthy habits from a young age, along with specific strategies to stimulate collagen production, can make a difference in how we age.

The skin , our largest organ , also plays a crucial role in our physical appearance, and is crucial for its protective functions . And for everything to work correctly, it is necessary that all its members are in perfect balance . One of the most important for its impact on the health and youth of the skin is collagen .

What is collagen and why is it crucial for the skin?

Collagen is a key structural protein that makes up a significant part of the skin. Its main function is to provide elasticity and firmness , acting as a scaffolding that maintains the integrity of the skin .

As we age , natural collagen production decreases . Surprisingly, this process begins in the early age of 20 , meaning it is essential to understand how to maintain and stimulate collagen production from an early stage .

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What does it depend on for us to have good collagen levels?

Genetics , lifestyle and sun exposure influence collagen production. Taking a healthy approach that includes proper nutrition , hydration , and sun protection can make a difference in the health of our skin over time.

Loss of collagen leads to the formation of wrinkles , fine lines , and a decrease in skin elasticity . Additionally, other signs of aging, such as dryness and sagging , become more evident as collagen declines.

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How to stimulate collagen production?

1 - Foods that improve the collagen content of your skin

Maintaining the health of your skin not only depends on a good cosmetic routine , but also on what you eat . Do you want to know which foods are the most recommended? We reveal them to you below, with special attention to vegan options if this is your case.

  1. Fish: Salmon, sardines and other fatty fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and collagen peptides that benefit skin health.
  2. Poultry: Lean meats such as chicken and turkey provide essential amino acids for collagen synthesis.
  3. Eggs: Egg white contains proline and glycine, two essential amino acids for collagen production.

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Vegan foods to stimulate collagen:

If you follow a vegan diet , it is possible to improve collagen content by choosing:

  1. Fruits and vegetables: strawberries, kiwis, oranges, peppers and spinach are rich in vitamin C, essential for collagen synthesis.
  2. Citrus fruits: lemons, oranges and grapefruits provide vitamin C and antioxidants that support collagen production.
  3. Almonds and walnuts: contain copper, a mineral necessary for the formation of cross-links in collagen fibers.
  4. Chia and flax seeds: they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to skin health.
  5. Soybeans and their derivatives: contain genistein, a compound that can stimulate collagen synthesis.

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Remember that hydration is key to keeping skin elastic and healthy, so make sure you consume enough water and fluids throughout the day.

Improving collagen content in the skin through diet is a valuable strategy for maintaining a youthful and healthy appearance . Whether you follow an omnivorous or vegan diet , there are nutritious options that can support collagen synthesis. Combine these foods with proper skin care to achieve optimal results and keep your complexion radiant from the inside out. Your skin will thank you!

2 - Use cosmetics that enhance collagen production: there are very interesting active ingredients to promote collagen production in your skin.

OhMyKoko's All in One multifunction cream is a comprehensive solution that contains bakuchiol , vegan retinol that stimulates the production of collagen I, III and IV . These specific types of collagen are essential for the skin because:

  • Collagen I: Provides resistance and firmness to the skin.
  • Collagen III: Contributes to the flexibility and elasticity of the skin.
  • Collagen IV: Acts as structural support for skin cells.

These types of collagen work together to keep skin healthy and resistant to aging , providing a complete solution to combat the signs of aging .

All in one facial cream - High Dosage Bakuchiol, Vegan Retinol. all skins

In addition, its orchid stem cells enhance its synthesis by +53% , providing a unique combination for skin care.

More tips to keep your skin young and healthy

  • Use of sunscreen: Protecting the skin against sun damage is essential to prevent collagen loss induced by UV exposure.
  • Adequate hydration: Hydration keeps skin supple and helps prevent dryness, contributing to a younger appearance.
  • Avoid harmful habits: quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption are crucial measures to preserve the health and elasticity of the skin.




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