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Argan , jojoba or rosehip oil are vegetable oils used in cosmetics. They coexist with other oils such as essential oils , also from plants , or minerals , derived from petroleum , such as Vaseline or paraffins. But are they all good for your skin? We reveal it to you in this post.

Vegetable oils and essential oils. Equally natural, but very different.

Both vegetable and essential oils are natural, but they have different chemical compositions , characteristics , uses and benefits .

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Vegetable oil, a treasure for the skin

Vegetable oils are obtained from plants rich in fats, such as seeds and nuts.

The benefits of vegetable oil are due to the fact that it has a high content of vitamins , polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as flax oil, and antioxidant properties . These components protect , revitalize , nourish , regenerate and hydrate the skin. In addition, they form a barrier that retains moisture.

It is important that you choose vegetable oils obtained by first cold pressing for your skin care. Thanks to their antioxidants and fatty acids, they help regenerate cells, increase elasticity and protect against aging and free radicals.

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Obviously, not all are the same , some are richer in antioxidant active ingredients, others certain vitamins, therefore, depending on the cosmetic purpose , one or the other is chosen .

The best vegetable oil is the one obtained with the first cold pressing and without chemical refinement .

Avoid comedogenic oils if you have oily skin with acne .

It is important to keep in mind that comedogenicity can vary depending on each person's skin and individual tolerance . However, some vegetable oils are often considered more comedogenic .

Below, we give you a general list ordered from highest to lowest comedogenicity:

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Almond oil
  3. Corn oil
  4. Palm oil
  5. Peanut oil
  6. Sesame oil
  7. Sunflower oil
  8. Cottonseed oil
  9. Soy oil
  10. wheat germ oil

This list can serve as a guide , but it is essential to remember that skin response varies from person to person . Experimenting with small amounts and paying attention to skin reactions is key when choosing oils for facial care.

Essential oil, the essence in its purest form

Essential oil is actually not an oil , but a concentrate of volatile substances extracted from flowers, stems, roots or leaves of plants.

The oil must be extracted by steam distillation , be chemotyped , have its name in Latin, be collected at the right time and be 100% pure and natural.

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Essential oils have therapeutic properties and should be used diluted in vegetable oil and with caution .

Mineral oil, better to avoid it

This petroleum refining oil is widely used in conventional cosmetics as a moisturizer for dry skin.

However, this moisturizing effect is not really effective , since it clogs the pores , preventing optimal skin breathability . As a result, the skin becomes dehydrated , its ability to eliminate toxins is blocked , and its natural function becomes unbalanced .

You can find it in a multitude of cosmetic products , even luxury cosmetics . Therefore, if you want to avoid them, look very carefully at the list of ingredients on the packaging.

Learn to recognize them in thisPOST .

The different names under which you can find them depend on their viscosity and chemical composition . Below you will find some of these names:

  • Paraffinum liquidum
  • paraffin oil
  • Parafinum liquidum
  • Parafinum perliquidum
  • Mineral oil
  • mineral oil
  • Vaseline oil
  • liquid Vaseline
  • Medicinal white oil
  • Petroleum
  • liquid petroleum
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Jojoba, also known as gold of the Incas , is a treasure for the beauty of the skin. It is very rich in waxy esters, hence it is actually a wax .

In its complete composition there is a very high percentage of ceramides very similar to those of the skin , which is why it helps to repair it and maintain its structure . It is also rich in vitamin E , with photoprotective and anti-free radical activity, preserving it from premature aging , wrinkles and expression lines . Finally, its contribution of linoleic acid stands out, whose regenerating properties help maintain the skin's elasticity .

Its formula is completed with Bakuchiol , also called vegan retinol and orchid stem cells among other ingredients, turning its formula into a real bomb of natural active ingredients for your skin.

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It is important that you choose vegetable oils obtained by first cold pressing for your skin care. Thanks to their antioxidants and fatty acids, they help regenerate cells, increase elasticity and protect against aging and free radicals.

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