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Who is not aware of the importance of eyes in beauty? We all know that they are a fundamental part of our attractiveness , however, it is a tremendously fine and delicate part that requires special care so that its aging rate does not skyrocket and fatigue does not ruin its appearance. Below we reveal some tricks and tips to help you look younger, more rested and more beautiful.

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A critical area

The eye contour is a tremendously vulnerable and delicate area . Bags, dark circles, crow's feet, dehydration ... And the eye contour, being a much thinner area than the rest of the face, loses its elasticity and firmness much more easily, being an area particularly sensitive to the appearance of wrinkles . Therefore, it is key to adopt good lifestyle hygiene that includes adequate cosmetic care that limits aging and has a smoothing effect.

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Essential steps to retain the youthfulness of your eyes for longer

1. Hydrate from the inside

We never tire of repeating that to address the beauty of your skin in general and that of the eye area in particular, it is necessary to maintain an optimal level of hydration in your body. We remind you that approximately 65% ​​of our body is water . Don't let your guard down at this point and make sure you drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day .

If you find it difficult to drink, take note of this super hydrating drink : celery, lemon, spinach and cucumber . In addition to cleansing your body, it will provide you with a very interesting amount of vitamins, minerals and other vital substances .

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2. Healthy and balanced diet

We already know how difficult it can be on a daily basis. Work, outings with friends, events, parties... Too many temptations! However, it is key that on a daily basis you try to respect the golden rule : 5 vegetables and fruits a day and many antioxidant foods (apple, strawberries, almonds...), essential for good cell regeneration and therefore, for the elasticity of your skin is maintained.

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3. Protect yourself from the sun

Its natural fragility makes it a much more sensitive part to damage from UV rays and other external aggressions. In fact, the sun is the number one cause of aging . Therefore, wear sunglasses and never forget your sunscreen .

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4. Quality sleep

It is logical! Sleeping well greatly influences your eye area. And on the contrary, sleeping little or poorly can ruin it. Try to sleep the necessary hours and make them truly restorative . Do you want a trick ? Lie on your back with your head slightly elevated, and put some chamomile compresses made with ice water, or some very cool cucumber slices, on both eyes.

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How to preserve youth for longer?

1. Start as soon as possible

The sooner we take care of our eye contour, the better it will withstand the passage of time and will be young for longer . Therefore, it is a mistake to start treating it when the first wrinkles have appeared. From 25 years old is a good age.

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2. Never forget cleaning

We will never tire of telling you how important cleaning is. It is an absolutely essential and necessary step in your cosmetic routine. When you wake up , you wake up with swollen eyes and the wrinkles seem to become more pronounced . Nothing better than a good cleansing with fresh water to wake up your skin and tone your eyes . Choose a gentle but effective cleansing product that respects the pH of your skin as much as possible. OhMyKoko 's Exfoliating Renewal Cleansing Gel is ideal. Cleanses, removes makeup and exfoliates your skin, leaving it so soft and fresh that your skin will notice a wonderful effect of well-being and will look incredibly purified .

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3. Apply your serum

After cleansing, comes the application of the serum, a true beauty treatment for your eyes. OhMyKoko 's eye contour serum is a true treasure trove of concentration of active ingredients that hydrate, detoxify, combat dark circles, lift the eyes and combat aging . Don't forget to use it after cleansing in the morning and at night.

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5. Perform your massage

It is an authentic gesture of beauty for your eyes. When you apply the serum, gently massage the pressure points around the eye. This way, the product will penetrate better and be more effective . Start above the eyebrows from the inside to the outside. Next at the bottom , also from the inside out.

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