Cleansing and exfoliating the skin are two basic steps in a self-respecting cosmetic routine. But let's go in parts, what is exfoliation and why is it so important?

Exfoliating (peeling in English or gommage in French) is a fundamental step for the skin to look beautiful and healthy . In fact, it is one of the most effective beauty secrets to have luminous and impeccably clean skin. Nothing like a good exfoliation to erase facial imperfections , allow the skin to “breathe” properly and promote cell renewal . And its benefits are numerous, in addition to purifying the skin , eliminating excess sebum , closing pores , contributing to skin hydration ...

Cellular renewal, key to the beauty and health of the skin

Although we sometimes forget, our skin is a living organ (the only one outside the body) and as such it has a very specific function : protecting our body from pathogens and other external aggressions such as climatic agents, pollution , UV rays, etc. Therefore, it is a true shield for our body and to ensure its functions it regenerates continuously and completely autonomously.

It is made up of cells that are born, grow, reproduce and die . Hence, the skin is in constant renewal . Making a simile , our epidermis is like a four-story construction , whose bricks are cells , called keratinocytes, which are responsible for the synthesis of an essential protein (keratin) that is continually renewed to protect the functions of the skin. fur.

The new cells are born in the lower part of the epidermis, and rise to the outside as the oldest ones are shed. And in turn, these new ones will die, peel off and give way to the new ones. Thus in a constant and natural circle whose complete process lasts around a month , and can reach forty days in some cases .

In the case of healthy skin , the amount of cells eliminated on the surface is usually perfectly compensated by the production of new keratinocytes . However, sometimes this renewal is accelerated under the influence of exogenous or endogenous factors, causing cells to multiply more than expected . As a result , dead cells do not have the time necessary to be eliminated and accumulate on the surface of the skin where they form plaques . This phenomenon is what is behind “peeling” skin or diseases such as psoriasis .

There are numerous occasions when our skin needs a little push to help it free itself from dead cells (dead keratinocytes) and facilitate cell renewal. Especially, with age , the skin loses this capacity, causing dead cells to accumulate on the surface, clogging the pores. The result is dull, devitalized and drier skin .

In the case of oilier skin , the release of dead cells unclogs the pores , allowing better control of acne breakouts .


Imagine that your epidermis is a four-story construction. It all starts in the first…

  • Basal layer (floor 3, the deepest layer of the epidermis): keratinocytes are formed and divide into two cells. One of these cells remains in the basal layer, the other goes up to the next plant.
  • Spinous layer (floor 2): in their transit to the upper layers, the keratinocytes become deformed.
  • Granular layer (floor 1): the cells flatten even more and gradually lose their nucleus. They become corneocytes.
  • Corneal layer (floor 0, surface of the epidermis): now the corneocytes are completely flat, they agglutinate and constitute a very non-permeable barrier against attacks. Finally they detach and are released to make way for new cells. This is the peeling process.

    Poor cell renewal, the origin of different aesthetic problems

    • Dull tone: dead cells that do not come off remain on the surface of the skin, forming a film that eliminates the skin's natural shine.
    • Premature aging: if cells lose their cohesion, they also lose their effectiveness in retaining water. This causes a gradual dehydration that is at the origin of early wrinkles.

    There is no beautiful or healthy skin without a good cleansing.

    Having beautiful skin requires a good cleansing , at least once a day and ideally morning and night . This is because it is exposed throughout the day to sources of impurities such as pollution , dust , makeup . These are external waste, but the skin also produces its own waste such as sebum , toxins eliminated through sweat, dead cells . All of them must be eliminated daily , otherwise the skin will lose its natural shine, becoming increasingly dull and with a more irregular texture . In addition, in the case of oily skin , excess sebum becomes more important , as well as the appearance of blemishes. imperfections .

    Furthermore, clean skin optimally absorbs the cosmetics in your daily routine (moisturizing, nourishing, anti-acne... any of them). If you put on makeup, your makeup will last much longer if your skin is clean and well hydrated than if you do it on skin with oil and impurities. Therefore, cleansing the facial skin well contributes to having beautiful and healthy skin .

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    Is cleaning morning and night really necessary?

    If required. At night , it is essential that you thoroughly clean the remains of makeup, sebum, pollution, dust and even the toxins eliminated through sweat .

    In the morning , you should also cleanse your face of excess sebum and toxins accumulated on the skin during the night.

    Exfoliating renewing cleanser with 5 fruity AHA's

    At OhMyKoko we propose cleaning and exfoliating in the same step with this exfoliating renewing cleansing gel. Based on 5 alpha-hydroxy fruit acids and organic oat extract, it deeply cleanses the skin , respecting its balance as much as possible . Thus, impurities, excess oil or makeup disappear, leaving clean and purified skin.

    Oat seed extract exerts an incredible moisturizing, soothing and repairing effect on the skin , helping to restore the skin barrier.

    At the same time, its alpha-hydroxy fruit acids perform a gentle and effective exfoliating action, promoting the natural regeneration of the skin .

    Far from drying and irritating, the result is clean, purified, renewed skin with a wonderful feeling of softness and freshness.

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